Welcome to Homectl Blog!

Homectl is my small home automation project. I’m hooking up a bunch of sensors to my house, replacing my thermostat with a wireless relay, and controlling it via a Raspberry Pi server in the living room. On this blog, I’ll share my progress, inevitable mistakes, and things I’ve learned from them and other experiments.

This blog was recently started after I broke some of the components of a small hardware project I’m working on, and figured I’d open them up and share what I find inside. A friend of mine has a blog where he shares his code and things he’s learned. I always thought that’s pretty cool, but I’d never have time for that. Turns out, maybe I do! At least for now, I’m writing these things for myself, kind of as a journal. If any of this stuff is useful or interesting to you, or if you see me doing something stupid (very likely!), feel free to drop me an email.

Other people’s blogs/channels

These are some blogs or YouTube channels I’m subscribed to and can recommend if you’re interested in the same kind of stuff as I am.

  • OLives Dev Blog - the blog of a friend of mine who works on a hobby 3D game.
  • Andreas Spiess - a Swiss YouTuber who makes lots of very well made educative videos on sensors and microcontrollers.


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